UrbanFunAZ brings you the Greenbelt Bike Tour activity along with the live healthy initiative of Be Scottsdale Fit.  Todd Davis, your host, is the developer of both programs and wants you to get out and experience the Scottsdale Greenbelt Bike Tour!  Join and ride Rad Power Bikes for a unique experience.



Designed for all abilities as we use Rad Power Bike "Fat Tire Pedal Assist" bikes. The Greenbelt Bike Tour program is for individuals executive groups who want to experience a "QOL" ride with colleagues and friends.  The bikes offer pedal assist and designed for all abilities. These tours are a facilitated experience guided through existing path systems with unique pedal-assist bikes.  Todd Davis, 40+ year professional in recreation in the Scottsdale area as well as a team facilitator will guide your outing in the morning or afternoon to fit weather and timing.  Meet us at the Park to start and finish for lunch or dinner, or your resort property may be connected to the Bike Path system for departure. *Maximum weight restrictions.


Be Cool on the Rad Fat Tire Bike

The Rad Power Bike is a Mobility Assist bike that is pedaled with some assistance if needed to get up and down light hills, across the bicycle paths and through the 10-15 mile tour with ease.  Cruise the greenbelt on this guided tour and discover hidden treasures including green parks, lakes and experience the desert.  Our guides will connect you with the message of "Park and Recreate" or stop and have fun for life-leisure balance.  Your guided tour includes training of the use of a pedal assist bike and site seeing stops.

Ride the Greenbelt & Canal Bank

Enjoy the existing bike paths of the Scottsdale Greenbelt and The Arizona Canal as you go through Scottsdale and down into Tempe to visit the Papago Park and Tempe Town Lake.  We will end your tour at a destination of your choice for a celebration.  If you choose to have alcohol, we will pick up the bikes with our Tour Trailer and you can arrange for rides and transportation as desired. 

Experience the Urban Desert

Leave Scottsdale and experience this treasure where you can stop for some photos, healthy walk, hike or even end up and tour the Zoo! All while seeing the sights and building better team camaraderie on existing bike paths and minimal traffic. We will not be doing mountain biking!

Check out our Bike & Hike Tour package!


Enjoy the famous Greenbelt of Scottsdale on a bike path system that is safe and connects to the Central Canal Bike Path and Tempe Town Lake Bike Path system.  We offer a great "begin with the end in mind" tour for your group. can launch from the Greenbelt or your resort property if access is near the paths as we bring the bikes to your starting location.  End back where you started, the Zoo, Botanical Gardens, Coffee Shop or Pub.  If "beer or wine" is involved we will pick up the bikes while your group enjoys the F&B of your choice.  Then you can get your ride back to your desired location.


Next Steps...Let's Peddle

Check out Greenbelt Bike Tour listings as we only take one group out a day. We offer private tours and will design your experience to meet your needs around Scottsdale, Tempe and Paradise Valley.  Of course, we want to maximize the weather and make sure you are comfortable.  Tours may be canceled or postponed due to inclement weather.

Check out our tour options and contact us for a private group ride!